Lawn Disease Control

Go Green professionals are experts at diagnosing and treating the wide range of turf diseases that affect Michigan lawns.

As these diseases can have many and varied symptoms, Go Green’s professionals dig deep to determine the exact disease that has invaded your lawn.

Often, one or more diseases are present – and it takes the trained eye and diagnostic abilities of an experienced professional to tell the difference between diseases.

Once the disease or diseases are identified, a control product will be applied to the turf, ridding your lawn of the disease. The lawn can then regain its health and return to the green, lush lawn you desire.

If you suspect that your lawn has been invaded by a disease – or even if you’re seeing symptoms but are not sure – give Go Green a call. Our professionals will diagnose your problem and will prescribe the best treatment plan for your lawn.

How to Deal with Grass Fungus Diseases in Your Lawn

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Frequently Asked Questions

Keep an eye out for signs such as discolored patches, thinning grass, or unusual growth. Proper lawn care practices like aerating, overseeding, and maintaining good drainage can help prevent diseases. Fungicides may be necessary for treatment in severe cases.

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