Top Quality Lawn Care and Weed Control in Waterford

At Go Green, we are committed to providing top-quality Waterford lawn care and personalized service to every customer. Locally and family-owned, we are familiar with the types of lawns abundant in this area and the needs of each community we serve. That’s why our environmentally responsible, lake-safe fertilization and weed control are so beneficial to the properties throughout Waterford. With over 32 lakes and a vast amount of waterfront properties, we know how important it is to have a thick, lush, weed-free lawn while still protecting our natural resources. Our 7-step lawn fertilization and weed control program includes the following:

• Dry granular fertilizer is applied in the spring for a healthy boost and green-up.
• Non-staining crabgrass prevention and control.
• Dry and liquid fertilizers are custom blended for increased strength and durability. Spot treatments to keep weeds at bay throughout the season.
• Winterizer for nutrient storage throughout the cold, snowy season.
• Use of an Integrated pest management system with an environmentally sensitive approach.

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Lawn Aeration and Overseeding in Waterford

Your lawn is a living, breathing plant. And like all other vegetation, it requires food, water, and sunlight to survive. Deprived of these essential elements, it can suffer, become weak, and succumb to diseases. When soil becomes compacted, it stops vital nutrients and other resources from permeating the roots. Lawn aeration and overseeding can help. With lawn aeration, holes are created throughout your lawn that releases compacted soil. When combined with seeding, these bare spots are filled, allowing new, healthy grass to grow. The combination of aeration and seeding in Waterford has a ton of benefits, including:

• Increase in nutrients reaching and strengthening your root zone.
• Higher rate of germination and stimulation of new grass.
• Reduction in the build-up of thatch.
• Better drainage and less pooling.
• Increased insect and disease resistance.An overall thicker, fuller, healthier lawn.

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Lawn Disease Control in Waterford

Here in Michigan, with our mild summers and cold, snowy winters, we experience a multitude of lawn diseases, many of which can wreak havoc on our lawns. Thankfully the experienced and knowledgeable technicians at Go Green are familiar with and trained to diagnose specific lawn conditions. Once the disease is identified, we will combat it with the appropriate treatment allowing your turf to once again regain its beauty and health.

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Preventive and Curative Grub Control in Waterford

Do you have thinning or unexplained brown spots on your turf in late summer or early fall? You may have lawn damaging grubs. These hungry critters fly overhead in the summer and breed in the fall. Once born, these hungry larvae feast on the roots of your turf, sucking the life out of every root and blade insight. Go Green’s grub control in Waterford includes:

• A thorough inspection to ensure grubs are present.
• Treatment to stop these insects from continuing their attack.
• Annual prevention, so they never come back.

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Highly Effective Lawn Insect Control

Grubs aren’t the only lawn surface insect wanting to wreak havoc on your lawn. Other insects, such as cutworms, chinch bugs, and billbugs, can also be dangerous threats. While maintaining a healthy, sustainable turf is your first and best line of defense, sometimes these harrowing creatures prevail. When this occurs, Go Green provides surface insect control.

Most lawn surface insects can only be treated effectively if products are applied at specific times of the year. This is why Go Green’s technicians receive updated training on the latest products and technology.

When your turf is faced with an invasion, turn to the professionals at Go Green and allow us to effectively and safely detract them from your lawn.

Pest Control in Waterford

Surrounded by a bounty of lakes and wetlands offers peace and relaxation, but it also brings with it a multitude of pesky, irritating insects. But you don’t have to allow these unwanted guests inside your home. Go Green’s perimeter pest management program protects your home from insects such as ants, earwigs, spiders, silverfish, and more. Pest control in Waterford has never been easier. Starting in early spring, our pest control applications include:

Knowledgeable, experienced exterminators.
An invisible barrier applied around the foundation of your home.
Applications spaced appropriately apart through late fall.
Protection from pests within the comforts of your own home.

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Targeted Mosquito Control

We love our summers here in Michigan, but how we loathe those irritating mosquitoes! These parasitic insects are unfortunately here to stay, but you don’t have to deal with them in the comforts of your backyard. Safeguard your property with Go Green’s mosquito control in Waterford. Our multi-step treatments allow you to enjoy your backyard again without the wrath of these pesky blood-suckers. When you invest in our mosquito control plan, rest assured you will receive:

• Targeted applications that start in early spring.
• Treatment to eradicate mosquito larvae in high breeding areas.
• Follow-up applications spaced appropriately apart for the overall control of high mosquito populations.

Disease Preventing Flea and Tick Control

Nothing should prevent you from enjoying your yard. You work hard on it, maintaining its strength and health. Don’t let annoying disease-carrying fleas and ticks ruin its appeal. Invest in Go Green’s flea and tick control and protect your family and pets from dangerous conditions such as Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and Murine typhus. Our certified exterminators target the areas where fleas and ticks reside, such as shaded areas, tall grass, thick brush, and leaf litter.

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