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One of the many theories on how Novi got its current name in 1930 is that it was stop No. VI on the trail from Detroit to Lansing. Today, Novi continues its transportation connection as the meeting point of 3 major Metro Detroit freeways. It has an excellent school system and is full of picturesque neighborhoods and stunning lawns.

Go Green Lawn Care is a local lawn care company that will help you obtain and keep a beautiful lawn using responsible products and techniques. Through the use of Integrated Pest Management practices, we make sure we are using the exact amount of products needed for insect and disease control. This helps to protect both your family and the environment.

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Lawn Care in Novi, MI

The perfect lawn takes hours of planning and work. The professionals at Go Green make it look easy because we have done the work, using science to customize fertilizer formulations that work best for Michigan lawns. Because of our respect for the environment and surrounding communities, we use lake-safe products.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

We provide only the best lawn fertilization and weed control services in Novi, Michigan. Fertilization and weed control are the basis of our 7-step lawn care program. We make sure your turf gets the nutrients it needs, while eliminating competition from unsightly weeds.

 Our lake-safe lawn care treatment plan includes the following:

• 7 total applications, appropriately spaced from early spring to late fall.
• Fertilization with our customized formulation of dry granular and liquid fertilizer as determined by your lawn and growing conditions.
• Both pre- and post-emergent weed control formulations to prevent and eliminate crabgrass, dandelions, and other persistent weeds.
• Detailed reports regarding the status of your lawn during each service visit.

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Aeration and Overseeding in Novi, MI

If your lawn is looking tired and you notice standing water after it rains, you may want to consider lawn aeration and overseeding. Generally best done in the fall, when seed germination is highest, we aerate your lawn and then scatter a blend of common Michigan turf grasses to promote new growth.

Lawn aeration and overseeding in Novi benefit your turf by:

• Allowing grassroots access to air, water, and nutrients.Loosening soil so it can breathe.
• Improving drainage and hydration of your lawn.
• Increasing grass health and resistance to insects and turf diseases.
• Jump starting new grass growth.
• And more!

Grub Control in Novi, MI

Are you able to pull up your turf like a rug or wildlife digging in your yard? If so, chances are that you have a grub infestation. Grubs are the larval stage of various beetles and their favorite food is grass roots. At Go Green Lawn Care, our potent grub control and prevention program in Novi consists of 2 steps, applied as needed. You can expect to receive:

• If grubs are already present, a grub control application to quickly eliminate these hungry pests and limit further damage to your lawn.
Our grub prevention treatment, applied in the summer and able to keep grubs away for an entire year.
Yearly follow-up grub prevention treatments to fend off their return.

Lawn Disease and Surface Insect Control in Novi, MI

Surface insects, such as cutworms, chinch bugs, and billbugs, eat your grass above the surface of the soil, while lawn disease attacks the grass blades. Both result in a lawn that doesn’t look healthy. Our trained technicians will:

• Thoroughly inspect your lawn.
• Identify the problem and its underlying cause.
• Utilize Integrated Pest Management to determine the proper treatment.
• Bring your turf back to health!

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Exterior Pest Control in Novi, MI

Nobody likes when unwanted pests enter the house. The perimeter pest control program at Go Green Lawn Care keeps pests out by creating a barrier around your home with 4 applications between early spring and fall.

Our friendly exterminators provide lasting relief from pests, such as:

• Ants
• Earwigs
• Silverfish
• Spiders
• And more!

Mosquito Control in Novi, MI

There is nothing like a swarm of blood-thirsty mosquitoes to put a damper on your summer fun outside. It's enough to make you want to stay inside, between the red, itchy bites and the chance of getting diseases, including West Nile and Zika. DIY fogging is only effective for a day or two. With Go Green’s recurring mosquito control treatments in Novi, your family is protected all season long. Our experienced technicians know how and where to spray for maximum impact.

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Flea and Tick Control in Novi, MI

Fleas and ticks also run rampant during the summertime. With our flea and tick control services in Novi, Michigan, we will protect your family and pets from these annoying, and sometimes dangerous, insects.

Summer in Southeast Michigan is fleeting. Contact Go Green Lawn Care today and let them give you more time to relax in the sun!

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