Lawn and Pest Services in Commerce Township, Michigan

Living in Commerce Township is like living in a dream. There are many lakes, green spaces, and wetlands, yet you are still close to shopping centers and entertainment venues. Because of the multitude of things you can do with your spare time, it’s understandable if you don’t want to waste a minute on lawn care and pest control. Let the experienced professionals at Go Green Lawn Care handle those responsibilities, so you can spend more time enjoying the great area you live in!

Go Green Lawn Care is a local lawn care company servicing Commerce Township as well as Novi and Waterford Township, Michigan. We have drawn on our experience with customers just like you to develop treatment programs that are designed for your property and budget. Protection of the environment and your family is important to us, so we use lake-safe products, as well as an Integrated Pest Management approach to insect and disease control.

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Lawn Care in Commerce Township, Michigan

Everyone wants a lush and vibrant lawn. What they don’t realize is that it doesn’t happen by accident. You need to research what works best for your specific conditions and then mix and match different products to achieve the perfect balance of nutrients and weed control. At Go Green, we have already done all of the hard work for you, giving you time to relax and enjoy the results.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

The first step to achieving a great lawn is proper fertilization and weed control.  Our lawn fertilization services in Commerce Township gives your turf the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy, while weed control eliminates the plants that are competing for resources that promote growth. The timing of our lawn fertilization and weed control program is optimized to offer the maximum benefit to your lawn.

 Our 7-step lake-safe lawn care treatment consists of the following components:

• Two spring, three summers, one fall, and one late fall application.
• A science-based customized formulation of dry granular and liquid fertilizer as merited by the condition of your lawn and time of year.
• Applying pre- and post-emergent weed control formulations as needed to prevent and kill crabgrass, dandelions, and other persistent Southeast Michigan weeds.
• Personalized reports from our highly trained lawn care technicians after each treatment, including a list of weeds, spotted.

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Aeration and Overseeding in Commerce Township

Does your lawn have bare spots and thin areas? You might be in need of our Commerce Township lawn aeration and overseeding services. The best way to improve grass health is by combining lawn aeration and overseeding, using a blend of common Michigan turf grasses. It is most effective when done in the fall, which is the best time to seed.

The benefits of lawn aeration and overseeding include:

• Increased access grassroots to air, water, and nutrients.
• Decreased soil compaction.Improved drainage.
• Increased germination of new grass seeds.
• Improved resistance and control of turf diseases.
• And much more!

Grub Control in Commerce Township

The insect invader responsible for the most damage to lawns is the white grub. It is the larvae stage of Japanese and other beetles and it ravenously feeds on grass roots. Any damage they do to your lawn is then compounded by skunks and other animals digging to feast on the grubs. At Go Green Lawn Care, we have an effective 2-step grub control and prevention program in Commerce Township that involves:

A grub control application is applied at the first sign of grubs to limit and prevent as much damage as possible.
A grub prevention treatment in the summer to keep grubs away for a full year.
Yearly follow-up grub prevention treatments to keep your lawn grub-free for years to come!

Lawn Disease and Surface Insect Control in Commerce Township

Other threats to your turf are lawn diseases and surface insects, such as cutworms, chinch bugs, and billbugs. If left untreated, both can cause damage that makes your lawn look lackluster and bare. Our knowledgeable professionals will:

• Inspect your lawn.
• Identify the problem, disease, or insect.
• Select the proper treatment for the situation.
• Utilize Integrated Pest Management where warranted.

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Exterior Pest Control in Commerce Township

The most effective indoor pest control is to keep bugs on the outside! Once these uninvited guests get in, it requires a lot of work to get them to leave. Our perimeter pest program at Go Green Lawn Care creates a barrier around the outside of your home that pests will not cross.

When you partner with our exterminators, you can expect relief from the following:

• Ants
• Earwigs
• Silverfish
• Spiders
• And more!

Mosquito Control in Commerce Township

We’ve all heard the joke that the Michigan state bird is not the robin – it’s the mosquito! That is the only time mosquitoes are funny. These pesky, disease-transmitting insects have ruined many a summer outing, picnic, or barbeque with their whining and itchy bites. Forget the DIY backyard foggers. Let Go Green protect your family for the entire spring and summer with our effective and expertly applied mosquito control treatments!

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Flea and Tick Control

Mosquitos aren’t the only insects in your yard that need controlling. Fleas are just annoying, leaving you and your pets covered in itchy bites. On the other hand, ticks spread serious diseases such as Lyme disease. When you trust us for flea and tick control in your yard, our friendly technicians will eliminate these nasty pests, keep them from entering your home, and provide effective relief to your family and your pets.

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